07 August 2010

Bellamont Forest: Palladian Villa in Ireland




The July issue of British House and Garden magazine was a stunning issue.    With so many American design magazines no longer publishing (over 12 have closed up shop in the past few years) the foreign magazines have become much more vital and BH&G is one of  the best of the bunch.   The three major stories in the July issue were all winners, but one in particular left me going back to take a peek, again and again.  


  image  Lo0cated 75 miles from the Dublin airport, Bellamont Forest estate is made up of over 1,000 acres.  


The British House and Garden spread on the Irish estate, Bellamont Forest, is accompanied with gorgeous photographs of the quiet interiors and glorious architecture.    The story about this Irish house gave me pause because of a certain email conversation I had  last year with one of Houston’s hottest interior decorators who specializes in contemporary design.    This much-in-demand decorator told me he was heavily investing in English and Irish antiques, with an emphasis on Irish.   He stated he was stockpiling these beauties to use in a future house.  Irish?   Hmm.    I was more than a little lost.   I would have easily understood if he was buying Belgian antiques – I mean, who isn’t these days?    But perhaps, this is exactly why HE is the successful one, the one with foresight, the one on magazine covers,  or the one with just a good eye?      Looking at these pictures of Bellamont Forest, I began to understand exactly where he was coming from.   The gorgeous carved chairs in the dining room and the consoles scattered about, so heavy and dark, are as far away from the anemic Belgian styling as you can get.  The dark brown antiques look refreshing, especially when they wear crisp blue and white checked Irish linen slips.   Yes, I could understand his fascination.   But, I was fooled.  Apparently, the majority of the “antiques” at Bellamont Forest are actually reproductions, exact replicas of the 18th century pieces that once graced the house.   The new owner, John Coote, actually has his own furniture company where he creates his faithful fakes.  Even the portraits are copies – replacing art that now hangs in museums and private houses around the country.    Still, reproductions or not, the appeal of this dark wood furniture became apparent to me, thanks to Bellamont Forest. 



Bellamont Forest is one of Ireland’s most historical private houses.  The front stairs lead past the Doric portico made of limestone to the only entrance on the Piano Nobile floor.  There is a large basement, a mezzanine level and an upper floor where the five bedrooms are located.    The house is a four bay square, built of red brick. 


Historic Bellamont Forest considered “the first and most perfect Palladian villa built in Ireland”  was constructed in 1729, and was modeled on Palladio’s famous Villa Rotonda and Villa Pisani.    The original owners, The Coote family, retained the house until 1874 when it was lost due to mounting debt.     In 1987, John Coote from Australia, a direct descendant of the original family, visited Ireland and discovered the estate in a terrible state of disrepair.   Learning it was for sale, he quickly bought it, reestablishing Coote family ownership.    He spent over 20 years restoring and furnishing the house to recreate it as it once was in the 18th century.  The architecture, especially the ceilings and rotunda, are breathtaking.    But, as it seems to often happen  these days,  the estate is amazingly now for sale.   According to Coote, his only son is back living in Australia and has no desire to stay in Ireland.  Coote himself is now living in London.  


image Bellamont Forest was designed by Sir Edward Lovett Pearce, the nephew of the first owner, Thomas Coote, Lord Chief Justice of Ireland.  The house has been designated in Ireland as of “National Importance.”


For this story, I have gathered as many photographs of the house as I could find, on top of the ones found in House and Garden.   As it so often happens with great stories, other blogs have tackled the story before me.   The fabulous blog, The Style Saloniste, recently interviewed John Coote HERE.   It is a must read if you want to learn more about the owner and the house.  Photographs taken from House and Garden are by Luke White.


image An aerial shot of Bellamont Forest.  The large complex to the right is the outbuildings, including the Linen Hall and Stewards House, which are reached from the main house via a groined ceiling underground tunnel.



image                                      There is one main entrance, which leads to the Piano Nobile level.  Here, the Entrance Hall sets the tone of the understated decor, yet glorious architecture.  All the paints were chosen from original scrapings.  Coote used a historic paint specialist for accuracy who recommended using distemper instead of paint.  Be sure to notice the ceiling.




                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              imageThe other side of the Hall.   The flooring is Portland stone.   I love the inset busts above the door.  Here, the chairs with the bold check linen make their first appearance.  I think this is my favorite room in the house – I love the large Entrance Halls found in the grand country estates in England and Ireland. 





A close up view at night.  Several rooms lead off the Hall.   The door to the library is at the left.



 image Same view, daytime.   I assume the car keys and mail end up on this console.





From the Entrance Hall, you enter the Grand Saloon or Ballroom – the main room in the house.   Here, portraits of the original Coote family were recreated since the originals are in museums and other grand houses.   The furniture comes from Coote and Co., faithful reproductions of 18th century originals. 



image The Saloon, again.  Notice the gorgeous plasterwork ceiling.   The room is unfurnished – left as a ballroom or reception room would be in the 18th century. 




Coote, an interior designer, purposely kept the house’s furniture to a minimum, exactly as it would have been in the 18th century.    He says the house was built for parties, and the saloon is still used for dancing. 



Another  earlier view of the Saloon.  Eventually, all the empty frames were filled with art work. 




The Drawing Room, off the Saloon is fabulous with its Persimmon Pink walls.   The gesso coated console table is one of a pair recreated by Coote.   I absolutely love the color combination of the pink, orange, and blue – a mix I would never have thought of.   The skirted table and pillow fabric picks up the pink on the walls.   The rug is 19th century English.   Modern art work by Robert Doble seems the right choice in this room.   The windows are left bare – the tree branch screens the bright sun, while adding yet another color.   Typical of grand houses found in England and Ireland, the furniture is slipcovered.   Notice again, the beautiful ceiling. 




Another view of the Drawing Room showing the fireplace, but the color in this photograph is “off.”   



The dining room is painted a light lilac gray to pick up the color of the fireplace’s marble.   Again, the furniture is by Coote.   The bold checks used throughout the room are made of Irish linen.    When Coote found the house, it had gone through a psychedelic decorating phase, and before that, the house was covered in carpet and chintz.    Now, fresh Irish linens are used throughout and the floors were left bare.   Again, notice the ceiling which matches the ceiling in the Drawing Room – these two rooms are identical. 




image Another view of the dining room – the jib door is almost closed in this picture, as compared to the one above.   I love this room!!!!   Notice the pair to the Drawing Room’s console table is found in here.  There is a small kitchen located off the dining room, but the main kitchen is in the basement. 



image In this picture, you can see more accurately the slight lilac color of the walls.   Also, notice how the relief in the molding is painted a deep lilac.




image The library off the Reception Hall is typical English Country Manor cozy.   This and the bedrooms are the only rooms decorated for today, rather than the 18th century.



image Another view of the small library off the Reception Hall - this room is frequently used by the family. 



image Here is a glimpse into the earlier design of the room- with chintz and a plain ottoman.   The chintz was replaced with the red velvet, and a tapestry now covers the ottoman.  The walls and curtains remain the same.




image The large kitchen is located in the basement.   Here, the stone floor is original.  The ceiling is groin vaulted.   I love the dressy table and chairs used in this all white kitchen – so elegant.  What a great place to hold a dinner party!!



image The opposite view showing the fireplace and incredible ceiling. 



image  A closeup view of the fireplace and ovens.  The butcher’s table is beyond gorgeous.   What a kitchen!   No one does kitchens like the English and the Irish.  Notice the copper pots in the standing rack – and all the hooks in the ceiling!



image The second floor is lit by a large cupola.   All the bedrooms are located off this main room. 




The same room – the wood floors here had to be replaced by Coote.   You can see a window up in the cupola on the left side.



image An earlier view of the same space – before the hardwoods were restored.   Here the walls are painted blue, while today they are a soft sage/gray.




A view of the space today, showing the oval cupola.   The stairs – made of stone – shown in the doorway on the left are located off to the side of the house as is typical in Palladian designs.





Looking up at the gorgeous oval cupola with its four windows. 



image One of the five bedrooms located on the second floor has the same pink walls as the Drawing Room.




image This bedroom is more masculine.  As with most Palladian houses, the ceilings on the second floor are lower as compared to the Piano Nobile. 



image Views inside either the outbuildings or the basement (not sure.)  Again, beautiful groined ceilings, wonderful flag floors, and simple yet elegant decor.  I love how the huge laundry baskets are shown throughout the house – they add a warm touch to any decor.




image The outbuildings are quite impressive.   Space was made for stables to be built. 







Another view of the outbuildings.    Room for stables have been made out of the converted space.  Plus there is room for more bedrooms, conference rooms, and party rooms.









Floor plans of both the main house and the outbuildings.





To read The Style Saloniste’s interview with John Coote, go HERE.

To access John Coote’s web site, go HERE.

To read the Real Estate brochure for Bellamont Forest, go HERE.


  1. Hello,
    Absolutely love the detail in all the ceilings. Beautiful!

    Thank you

  2. Umm - wow! Do they send this to you Joni? Or do you have to pick it up at BN when they get it? I've never seen it on the shelves here.

  3. I actually like the out buildings better than the main house. What a shame to have to sell this lovely place. MB

  4. First of all let me say I could move into the stables and be quite cozy.

    But, as a decorative artist, my mind was going 90 miles an hour with ideas for those groin vault ceilings!

    Lovely home!

  5. What a marvelous estate! The detail in the ceilings, the huge lantern, the gorgeous chandeliers, the white slipcovers, the dark furniture, all spell perfection. So sad that there isn't another family member to purchase it and live in it. Thanks, Joni, for a chance to see this!

  6. What a beautiful home and the grounds are lovely as well. I love the dark wood with the checks- always such a refreshing and yet cozy look.

  7. Joni thank you. I thouroughly enjoyed reading this post and you put a great deal of work into it. Truly a magnificent estate and set in one of my favorite places on earth. I was ohhing & ahhhing all the way down to the drawing room & then about passed out. The pink persimmon walls with the orange & blue was a wave of delight. How sad for Mr. Coote to have to let go of this piece of family history after restoring it so painstakingly to it's greatest beauty. I would be sobbing all the way to the bank!

    Great job Joni x

  8. This home is absolutely grand! Thank you for sharing with us.
    Teresa (Splendid Sass)

  9. What a lovely house. What fun it would be to fill it with family, friends and treasures! What a shame his son is not interested in the property. Considering his ancestors built the place, you'd assume the family would hate to let it go--and all the work that was put into the restoration! (I'm so sentimental!)

    Wonderful in depth post, Joni! You're the best!

  10. Isn't this magazine divine? This layout is wonderful. I could cook in that kitchen all day!!

  11. Now I realize I've been in love with Persimmon Pink all my life. I'm amazed at house straightforward and crisp the lines are; but I'm grasping for the right words. For all the details and decoration it seems so solid and dignified.

    Hard to imagine the wealth needed needed to keep this house intact. Hard to imagine a family could maintain that kind of wealth over generations.

  12. Thanks for this. I read the H&G article, and The Style Saloniste's post too, and it's nice to have your many additional photos. It is a stunning house, but as I mentioned on SS's blog, the weather isn't always that kind in these parts, and gorgeous neoclassical rooms become gorgeous neoclassical cold rooms. To heat a place of this size that would make me feel comfortable would cost a small fortune - I would think someting in the region of USD30-50k per annum. But I suppose if you worry about that sort of thing, then it's not suitable, and clearly the vast quarters for the steward are an indication of how many people you need to help you run a place of this size. And it would be a bit extravagant for a family of two!

  13. The kitchen would make me very happy. The entire place would be a resplendant spot for an escape- with wellies and rain gear. I am sure I would find much to paint.

  14. A perfect Estate and so tastefully furnished...
    I would be in heaven moving into the outbuilding with the courtyard...

  15. Joni,

    This was so interesting. Sorry I did't explore more around Dublin
    when I was there. The Estate is beautiful. Really enjoyed your lovely post.


  16. I am just crazy about that drawing room! You are so right about the colors - an unusual combination and just so refreshing! I love the modern art on the pink walls, too.

    Thanks again, Joni!

  17. What a stunning estate! It looked a little lost sitting up there on the hill until I saw the overview with other outbuildings behind. I love how the rooms are left rather empty to emphasis the architecture and the pieces they did use really stand out. The stables are just as stunning as the main house love it! Thank you for sharing this fabulous home with us and I hope you’re enjoying your holiday still!

  18. Joni, First of all this is astounding to see in your own works and images, it all comes to life. A most amazingly significant property.

    I had previously read Style Saloniste's Interview with John Coote, and what love he must have for his family estate!

    Art by Karena

  19. Love this house. I will take one of the steward's houses, thank you. Joni, this is a super post. I saved it for future reference. The legs on the dining room table are truly amazing; I have never seen anything like them. Thank you so much.

  20. I'm always so amazed at the detail work and craftsmanship that go into creating homes of this era. No mass production, few tools, but great imagination and creativity! What a wonderful and liveable home. Someone very blessed will live here. To go along with your designer friend, I've been hearing through reps and showrooms that English design is next on the horizon, so I think your friend is very smart to start collecting. We'll see!

  21. *** FUN READ, wonnnnnderful PICS & great research, as always!!!~~~ (Wow! I always THOUGHT I could be CONTENT n' HAPPY living in old STABLES... NOW you've PROVEN it!!!)...

    ... and 64,000 readers a MONTH?!?!?! Increddddible, Joni, but N*O*T "surprising"... I S*T*I*L*L say, "you're one in a MILLION!"~~~

    Mannny thanks n' blessings to all,
    Linda in AZ *

  22. I am prejudiced and Love this Estate....... I agree the busts in the niches are gorgeous with that lanetrn in in simplicity.... I also want to point out that even in the grandest of homes they always love to include a simple check or plaid fabric. The blue and white chairs shown in several rooms, warm my heart as does the KITCHEN. I can imagine the smell of fresh baked soda bread served with jam, in Nicholas Mosse pottery......I LOVED this... Maryanne Kathryn Flaherty HEHE..

  23. JOni, this was such a wonderful read for a Sun. afternoon! This estate is gorgeous and it is such a shame that after all this WORK, done so lovingly and thoughtfully, it will now be sold and out of the family again. I enjoyed every picture and all the info! I LOOOVE the warm brown furniture with the crisp checked fabrics. The architecture is just amazing. Thanks for sharing this and all the work that went into this post! XO, Pinky

  24. Joni, thanks for this posting. Lovely house to share. What a lot of work pulling all the pieces together, it is so appreciated and enjoyed. Thanks.

  25. If I win the lottery, I now know whom to make the first check out to.

  26. Fabulous place! I did want to mention that the Drawing Room was published in Domino Magazine's June/July 2008 issue on page 58. The pink walls look much lighter than those shown in your photo. I wonder if they repainted them darker. Also changed the furnishings and added the rug. I never thought I would paint a non-private room pink until I saw Domino's article. I was smitten and could just feel how great it would be to sit in that room with the light coming in those windows bouncing off those pink walls. Of course, the ceiling is 2die4. I also thought a more "flesh" pink would be wonderful too. I filed this photo for my future dream home! Totally beautiful accented with white.

  27. Thank you for this post - I so love the English and Irish grand country homes...so fun to read all the details...I love the simple decoration with just the chairs and checked fabric...so elegant...would love to stay there!!! :)

  28. joni... such an inspirational post... and that kitchen... truly magnificent. xo

  29. This post was so engrossing, I've read it twice now...I think I'll be visiting Bellamont Forest often...via YOU!
    I love how there are so many styles/eras in this house and they all flow together beautifully. Cozy English meets Swedish, meets Irish, meets Georgian, meets medieval, meets contemporary...so tastefully done!

    Thank you Joni...you've outdone yourself once again! xo J~

  30. Terrific post Joni.
    Don't you just love Irish furniture?
    wink, wink.
    XX JRP

  31. I could never leave this place. I can't wait to get away from Australia! Love the slipcovers and the vaulted ceilings. I love the way British and Irish houses are grand and architecturally rich but at the same time use slipcovering liberally to make things cosy (and practical).

  32. I wonder what the crime rate might be in that isolated area. Notice the only rooms low enough to gain access to the house (basement level) have iron grates on the windows. (Look at the kitchen - the window in the right hand side of the photo)What a fabulous steal for $9.9 million!

  33. I'm not being negative by questioning the crime rate - I have a home near St. Tropez and the isolated homes are sometimes stripped bare by migrating gypsies in the winter months. Hence the iron window bars. Before you revisit your home in the summer your missing furniture has long been sold in l'isle sur la sorgue we always say!

  34. I'm glad that you've posted this! Here in Canada, I'm afraid the list of great publications is merely a list at all. I too have turned to almost entirely British publications and couldn't be happier!

    Oh, and as for the house... gorgeous!! I just finished watching Pride and Prejudice (all 6 hours) and was dreaming of owning such a grand estate and wondering how I would manage to decorate the entire thing and keep it inviting and luxuriously warm... this brought the whole idea to life!

  35. Wow, these pics are really great and quite motivational in helping with the decoration of home.I love all this designs, so much light and space.

    Deirdre G

  36. That first picture of the entry hall is stunning. Every time I see real restraint I'm overwhelmed by the beauty. Simplicity has awesome power.

    You do so much work to gather the material for you posts. I hope you know it is noticed and appreciated. Ann

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  41. Hi Joni-

    Over the weekend, my traffic counter on THE STYLE SALONISTE went crazy...and I wondered how and why everyone was suddenly looking for and reading about BELLAMONT FOREST.
    Now I know...it was COTE DE TEXAS.
    I love love love your story and all the photos--and the very in-depth and thorough way you've presented this fabulous estate.
    About Irish antiques: Michael Taylor loved them because they are (like Gustavian furniture in Sweden) a country cousin of fine English or French furniture. Irish...especially Georgian...can be very fine, but it can also be 'country furniture maker' and very very charming and artless for that reason. It is worth noting: Michael Taylor loved Irish Georgian furniture and used it simply and sparingly. He preferred it to English Georgian which is more expected, and rather stuffy and stuff.
    Cheers, DIANE

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  43. Well, I don't know how I can follow that last comment :-) but I'll try.

    LOVE that kitchen! Like the kitchens in the cottages in Newport - in the basement. Highly functional but there's something that appeals to me so much about them. I think maybe I was a cook in another life. Ha.

    I have to say that I always catch my breath every time I see the H&G header, too. Always hoping it will come back to America...again.

  44. Hi Joni,
    Just had to comment on this post. Thank you for the tour of Bellamont Forest. Loved the kitchen in the basement..... I would be happy though living in the stables!

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